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The following is the Radio BC script which is also available in audio format voiced by BC Co-Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Glen Ford.

There are many lessons to be learned from the presidential election, some requiring a great deal of weighing and measuring. We at pride ourselves on doing serious work, so you can expect a full blown analysis on Thursday morning, our normal publication time.

However, a few things are quite clear. Black people have not been beaten down by four years of the Confederate presidency of George Bush. Far from it. On Tuesday we sprang to action in huge, determined numbers, united as ever against our implacable antagonist – and the common enemy of mankind – George Bush. Our voters were nothing less than heroic, enduring what sometimes amounted to a kind of torture of four and five hours in line, waiting to exercise their legal franchise. No one can break the African American spirit.

Black America, with the help of our allies, proved that citizens can face down the racist bullies of the Republican Party, who believed that we could be intimidated by their brazen huffing and puffing, their threats of massive challenges, their disinformation campaigns – all based on the premise that Black folks are stupid and timid, and tired of fighting the powers-that-be. Instead of rolling over, we stood firm and in greater numbers than ever before. We are the spine – the moral and intellectual backbone – of America, the smartest and bravest citizens in the land. Our numbers and resolve intimidated the would-be intimidators. In the end, their plan to bum-rush Black polling places was reduced to a scattering of anecdotal incidents. Our lawyers – 16 thousand of them – faced down their lawyers. And Michael Moore marshaled 1,200 amateur and professional filmmakers to record the Republicans’ antics. Republicans apparently didn’t relish the idea of appearing in a reverse version of the TV show “Cops” starring themselves as the perpetrators caught in the act of violating federal law.

Most importantly, the exit polls show that a recent survey that claimed 18 percent of Blacks were ready to vote for Bush, was utter nonsense. The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies should be hanging its head in shame for releasing such a poll, which was false on its face.  In fact, only around one in ten Black people remain crazy enough to vote for the head-racist-in-charge – about the same as in 2000. But compared to white people – a majority of whom have voted for Republicans, and against their own interests, for nearly 40 years – Black America is a model of intelligence.

Until we are broken, the Pirates will never win total victory in the United States. And we will not be broken.


October 28 2004
Issue 111

is published every Thursday.

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