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BC Is In Dire Straits – An Update
By Nancy Littlefield
BC Staffer

Thank you to the 122 readers who, this past week, became BC Paid Subscribers, and especially the 41 BC Paid Subscribers who also became BC Contributors.† Your financial support will keep us going for awhile longer.† We learned from your comments that while some of you were happy to spend discretionary money to support BC, others of you made a hard and serious decision to do so.† And we thank you.

For those of our readers who have so far chosen not to financially support BC, consider this comment we received from a BC Paid Subscriber, after the appeal we made in March:

I was shocked and appalled when I read the "Voice of the Paid Subscriber" and saw that "hundreds" had subscribed rather than "thousands."† When I saw the announcement, I whipped out my Corporate Card (could not resist) and dutifully paid upÖBut what has appalled me about this is that during your drive CounterPunch also had a fundraiser in which they raised quite a bit of cash, they had broached $20,000 in three days. I'm not sure what their final take was but if BC has taken in $50 from 900 (hundreds) of people it has raised $45,000 in a couple of months. For a site that has been up as long as BC is and has the readership that BC has I expected better from those who flood the server on Thursdays.

Why is this? I don't claim to know, but seeing the pretty much absent response I had in my own adventures I'm supposing that we as a people, especially those with some amount of disposable income really do not understand the importance of building and supporting institutions. Institutions do not run on goodwill and morals it runs on cold (though not hard) cash. When institutions have to waste time fundraising and the people in institutions have to worry about how they are to feed themselves and their families then the purpose of the institution suffers.

Sorry for the rant but I am pretty shocked by the count you gave. We got a lot of work ahead.

Can you help us with the work ahead?† Do the arithmetic, and youíll know how important you are to the survival of† Itís your financial support we need now.† Itís your help that will keep BCís voice strong.† Itís up to you.

If you have any questions about how to become a BC Paid Subscriber and BC Contributor, you may reach Nancy Littlefield at

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Queen Mother
by Margaret Warfield



April 20, 2006
Issue 180
is published every week on Thursday
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