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These are perilous times. Navigating troubled waters, keeping our bearings, recognizing the dangers and seizing opportunities, as we go about trying to secure peace and improve our communities, is not easy. One indispensable requirement is to have space to examine and discuss social and political issues concretely, in something other than the sound bites of opportunistic politicians or the superficiality of much of the major media. It’s now the beginning of an extended election season and from here on out we are going to hear a lot of that.

We just can’t rely on the traditional channels. Be it because of lack of resources, a lack of commitment or simply to avoid anything that doesn’t return a profit, the communication outlets in our communities and in the country at large – even those on which we should be able to depend – usually fail us. They can be big on personalities and scandal but they shy away from the real economic and political life of the African American community, and avoid, like the plague, any connection between the challenges Black people face and events elsewhere on the planet.

Thankfully, one of the best places to get in-depth analysis and reports, and the views of people committed social change is the online magazine you are now reading.

There are people all over the country who have come to rely upon and appreciate the Black Commentator for analysis and reflection on the events and developments shaping the world around them. I say this, not because that’s how I feel personally, but because I have found it true as I have traveled around various parts of the country - from people involved in various social and political activities, organizations of working people and movement for progressive change.

But just as there are no free lunches, there is no free media. Yes, the internet has brought about a revolution of sorts in the field of communications. It has reduced the amount of resources necessary to get the word out, and it helps free us from the restraints and obstacles that so often come with complete reliance on commercial advertising. However, it still costs money. The stark reality is that if the Black Commentator is to survive and grow it will require help from all of us.

If you value the work the Black Commentator does in providing space for a wide range of opinion and analysis of the critical questions confronting the African American community and the wider movement for progressive social change, I urge you to sit down and make a financial contribution to keep this worthy enterprise going and growing.

You can contribute best by talking out a $50 one-year subscription. To do so click here for the Sign-Up Page. If you'd rather send a check, the Sign-Up Page has a link for the form to send with your check. You can also go to the Contributions Page and make a single contribution. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated. If you want a BC Paid Subscription and yet cannot afford the $50 fee, you may become a member by requesting a Complimentary BC Paid Subscription and choose to contribute any amount you can afford. Keep in mind that your paid subscription or your contribution will guarantee that the Black Commentator is available to younger readers just starting out and sisters and brothers with limited incomes.

The Black Commentator intends to continue to serve its readers. Make sure this happens. Join the community now. You’ll be glad you did.


Carl Bloice, member of the BC Editorial Board

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Your comments are always welcome.

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Thank you very much for your readership.


June 7, 2007
Issue 232

is published every Thursday.

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