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I went to bed Tuesday evening feeling absolutely whipped and sick to my stomach. After trying to watch the appointed president’s State of the Union speech for 15 minutes I could stand it no longer. Nausea was rising from my belly. Seeing the puppet administration and jack-in-the-box congress popping up and down at every sentence was enough to do me in.

Why must we be subjected to the ongoing lies of this man and his keepers on almost every TV channel? His words are like so many slaps in the face. Since he didn’t fulfill the promises from the last State of the Union why should we believe his silly phrases this year?   

Why should we believe he has answers to stave off the massive depression coming because of his huge deficit creation? Is he kidding? Is that what the silly smirk is about? 

Why should we believe the man who, as a former governor of Texas, executed more prisoners than any governor in modern U.S. history when he says he wants to help released prisoners?

Why should any thinking person believe this terrible leader who hasn’t had a hungry day in his life tell the poor and the hungry anywhere how he’s going to fix things with job programs to retrain folks whose jobs have been exported to other countries?

Why should we believe this wager-of-illegal-war whose policies have killed 500-plus of our military, wounded and maimed thousands of others, and killed more than 10,000 innocent Iraqis has anything decent to say about freedom and democracy? Does “Bring-em-on-Bush” have a clue?

Why should we believe this killer of the environment in our beautiful country? He lives in a state of the art, environmentally correct home and acreage – but he doesn’t want to share with us. Is that a piggy way to behave or what?   

Why should we believe he cares about our children with his incredibly deficient (mostly of money) schools testing program? What is the goal of this testing? Is he trying to put certain children into certain slots? Like the old days when kids were divided into butterflies and bumble bees? Certainly he has a lot of nerve given that he was no Einstein in school and ignorantly bragged about being the president with C grades.  Was he the Child Left Behind? What idiot would think he’s serious about education?   

This Bush has cut so many important budget items for the poor and the military veterans; made decent health care worse; catered to his funders from the pharmaceutical industry thus insuring that seniors will have to pay more and more for their medicines; degraded the Bill of Rights and Constitution with the un-Patriot Act; bowed out of treaties; winked when his corporate pals took their money offshore; gave foreign investment opportunities to his buddies, etc. Now he’s going after Social Security, Medicare, Public Education.  He’s a whirling dervish trying to bankrupt our country.  What does he care?  He has loads of cash and connections to fly off to some island to live high on the hog while we’re all here trying to figure out which flim-flam was the one that did us in.

The Bush-men don’t seem to get that it’s the economy, stupid – or that Peace and Dialogue are far better solutions to problems than War !

Need I say more?  Are you angry yet? 

While we’ve been minding our business, trying to live good lives and make a living for our families, the State of Our Union has been messed with. We can do something about one thing that will probably cure a lot of the wrongs: NO MORE BUSH – In 2004 – Forevermore! 

And, for a special going-away gift how about tickets to Mars or the Moon or even Guantanamo for the Man and his Favorite People! Now, there’s an idea, export THEM  for a change!



January 22, 2004
Issue 74

is published every Thursday.

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